Mental health awareness

12 Questions and Answered about Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness: Is a way of sensitizing and educating people about the damaging effect pose by the stigmatization of people suffering from the illness, how to love them, and help them recover by providing help as quickly as possible. This article addresses 12 of the most important questions ever asked about mental health.

Question and Answers on Mental Health Issues

QUESTION 1: What are the early signs of mental illness?

ANSWER: Several things can be an early sign of a mental issue, first things are they might begin to get moody and withdrawn, losing interest in activities they usually enjoy, getting angry easily and appetite change, all these could be an early sign, if identified early enough it could be easily managed by seeking help from the professionals.

QUESTION 2: How do I cope with Anxiety?

ANSWER: Racing thought, hard breathing, psychosomatic stress, having trouble going to sleep, sweaty palm, to cope with anxiety first you need to figure what triggers it, that way you will be able to work on improving on yourself and avoid the triggers, one funny thing about life is that we can’t control how people react or behave around us so avoiding people who trigger anxiety in us might be out of your control but you can learn to deal with your anxiety and feel a lot better without getting it triggered.

QUESTION 3: How do I start loving myself?

ANSWER: Make sure you keep track of your thought and ensure you have a positive thought all the time, the first way to get things through is to make sure you love yourself first and do not wait until people compliment you because acting on peoples opinion of you might get you feeling weird and sometimes get angry for no good reason and start having a feeling that people do not like you which might just make you feel bad about yourself, only try to understand that you only get what you put into the world, you will always feel like people don’t like you because that is the way you feel about them and you will continue to see yourself in that light as well since it’s impossible to win everybody over, you only need to love yourself deeply and those that will love you will love you, it’s that simple.

QUESTION 4: How do I keep myself Motivated?

ANSWER: When it comes to motivations, we need to pay keen attention to things that happen in our lives, you need to know if you are losing interest in things or activities that usually interest you, maybe you are feeling super tired, losing concentration, not being able to go to sleep, overeating or under-eating, if you notice all these symptoms, it might be a good time to see a professional because these are signs of depression and depression is somehow like a motivation sap, no way you get motivated when you are depressed,

All you need to do is make sure you take time out to do things you love to do, hang out with people you love, always engage in activities that make you feel good, avoid being lost in deep thought, seek help either from professionals or people close to you and you’ll notice that your motivations will gradually return.

QUESTION 5: Who can suffer a mental illness?

ANSWER: Pretty much anyone can suffer mental illness, it’s not a question of whether you are poor or rich, stupid or intelligent, mental illness is a general issue and no one is an exception

QUESTION 6: What percentage of people know someone with a mental issue?

 ANSWER: The obvious truth is almost everybody knows someone with a mental issue which means a large number of people either know or have seen someone with a mental issue, the number stands at around 60% percent because there are mental health sufferer everywhere and everybody can easily think of someone going through a mental breakdown

QUESTION 7: When is the right time to seek help?

ANSWER: The best time to seek help is at the first sign, once you notice a change in your behavior or lack of motivation or not being able to concentrate, then it’s probably the best time to visit the professionals and seek for help, of course with the help of the professional you can know if it’s something serious or not and getting help at the right will get you back to full recovery.

QUESTION 8: Am I experiencing extreme mood swings or unstable emotions? 

ANSWER: You need to check yourself if you have noticed any irrational behavior, unnecessary anger, panic attacks or emotional breakdown if your answer to any of these is YES, then you need to seek help before your situation becomes critical.

QUESTION 9: Is constant worry a mental issue?

ANSWER: Worry is a mental issue and its close siblings are stress and fear, these are the good instrument of anxiety and experiencing this feeling constantly means something is wrong with your state of mind and you are probably suffering a mental illness, As much as it is a normal part of human life to get worried over things but you will know it’s time to seek help when it becomes a constant feeling.

Question 10: What are the causes of mental illness?

Answer: There is no definite answer to the cause of mental illness because a lot of factors can result in mental health problem, researchers found out that most mental illness is caused by the combination of psychological, biological, genetic and environmental factors, as regards being a genetically prone illness, it means if there is a history of mental illness in the family there is a tendency that other member of the family experience it, The mental illness is usually induced by several factors such as societal and environmental issues, some examples of such are abuse, stress, or traumatic experience, these are some conditions that can trigger mental illness in people.

Some other known causes of mental illness are:


Brain injury

Prenatal trauma

Unhealthy nutrition

Drugs abuse


Question 11: What can be done about mental health stigma?

Answer: It is important to have adequate knowledge about what a mental illness is, get enough education and educate other people on what mental health since those that stigmatize the sufferer does it due to lack of understanding and good knowledge of the mental health, once this is done, it will become easy to help people with mental illness.

Question 12: How serious is a mental health issue?

Answer: This is fast becoming a more serious issue as there has been an increase in the level of mental illness worldwide.  The rate at which people fall into depression daily is becoming alarming and more suicide cases as a result of mental health problems are being recorded. However mental health issues can become serious if not properly managed.

Mental Health Issue is one of the areas of human health that requires a lot of awareness because it is fast becoming a menace and silent killer, almost everyone has at one point in their life feel down, obsessive or unmotivated, many people are lucky to found help early enough and got out unscathed but several others are not so lucky some of whose conditions degenerate and get worst down the lane, therefore, it becomes imperative to create a mental health awareness so more people can have full knowledge of mental health, know when to seek help and avoid stigma.


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