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FOOD WITH NUTRITION FACTS The effective control of food intake and nutrition are both keys to good health. Smart nutrition and food selections can help prevent disease. Eating the proper foods can help your body cope more successfully with an ongoing illness. Understanding adequate nutrition …

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10 Steps Checklist for Food & Nutrition Services

Food & Nutrition Services

Food & Nutrition Services Ideal practice in the Food & Nutrition Services and the dinning program incorporates the home’s vision and gives system and process to; Support, enhance, and respect residents’ right, security, choice, comfort, and autonomy Recognize that proper nutrition, hydration, and pleasurable dining improve …

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A-List of Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Disorders The term mental disorder is sometimes used to refer to what is more frequently known as psychological disorders or psychiatric disorders. Mental diseases are patterns of behavioral or psychological symptoms that affect multiple areas of life. These disorders produce distress for the …

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Some Food which is Best according to Nutrition


Nutrition Different types of food & diet are an incredibly critical part of our lives. Every day we require food to sustain ourselves. However, not just any food will do best. You must always exercise caution and be selective regarding what type of food you put into …

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What Is A Balanced Diet?

Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet No one in this whole world denies the importance of proper nutrition and healthy food in our life. We know that we cannot live without having a meal. When you consider a balanced diet, the first thing that comes into your mind is foods with …

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